Yet another element of the insecurity that drives 日本人論. A good read, Leanne. Thank you.

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So interesting Leanne, thank you.

There’s so much cultural history in this world that one could learn, and the farther back you go, it’s so far flung and so unique and so fractured and distantly related that maybe an important way to keep growing is to find and follow learned people in fields that you know nothing about. I know nothing about Japanese prehistory, but I enjoy learning from you here.

And I feel naive to divulge that you’ve just taught me the meaning of the title of Peter Hessler’s book Oracle Bones. Thanks! His previous book River Town, about his time in the Peace Corps in rural China, was revelatory to me.

I’m being presumptuous now: does Kokugaku the anti-Buddhist, anti-Confucian nativist bring to mind any … contemporary American ways of thinking?

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So! turtles all the way down! Seriously, fascinating piece, Leanne. I've wanted to get to the Manyoshu for awhile. I remember being surprised in learning about Japan's writing evolution from Chinese; my friend was second generation American in Hawaii with both sides of his family from Japan. His voice carried a bit of irritation about the issue.

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