Sitemap - 2023 - Dreaming in Japanese

Favorite Books of 2023

Japanese Heritage Shōya House

Japanese Curry Rice from Scratch

Six Persimmons And The Heart Of Zen

Tokyo Ueno Station

Wabi-Sabi by Leonard Koren

Flowers 拈花微笑

Whales and Regrets

Seafood Doria & Omurice

The Time of Cold Dew 寒露

A Note about the Mid-Autumn Moon

Showa Seduction

A Field of Consciousness 境界

Robert Frost's Ghost

Translating Zen

The Sound of Snails

Yang Guifei and Sally Wen Mao's New Poetry Collection

The Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Work Units, Gulags and the Evil A-san Strikes Again!


The Way of the Cocktail

Christopher Hitchens and the Korean Tea-bowl

Yellowface by RF Kuang

Traduttore, Traditore

The Star Festival

Blackened Teeth and Conceptions of Female Beauty

Summer is a Singing Cuckoo

Reading Short Stories


Breasts and Eggs: A Novel by Mieko Kawakami

Japanese Emissaries to the Tang Court 遣唐使

Another Tang Dynasty Tune

Lost In Translation: In Praise Of Learning Languages

蛙始鳴 Frogs Start Singing

The Orchid

Waves of the Blue Sea: A Dance-Tune of the Tang Dynasty

Music and Genji

The Grain Rains 穀雨

Oracle Bones and Writing in the Time of the Gods神代文字

Demons of the Heart 心の鬼

Moles Turn into Quail

A Walk on the Wild Side

Ciao Carpaccio!

Lady Rokujo (治大國、若烹小鮮)

The Infinite Silences of Japan

Connoisseurship 品定め

master wang on the third day of the third month (蘭亭序)

A Sonorous World

Cast-off Cicada Shell

How language shapes our thoughts (again)

A Rainy Night Conversation 雨夜の品定め

Yang Guifei in Japan 日本に渡った楊貴妃

Beginning of Spring

Translating Plum Blossoms 宋徽宗〈蠟梅山禽〉

Plum Blossoms

Books about Translators


A Snowy Owl